A fejlődés útján

Közel 25 éve minden tevékenységünk arra irányult, hogy versenyképes paprika hibridekkel és kiváló minőségű vetőmaggal szolgálhassuk ki a kertészeket. Ennek érdekében kizárólag saját forrásból fejlesztettük vetőmag üzemünket a legszigorúbb követelményeknek is megfelelő színvonalra, és legújabb beruházásunknak köszönhetően már több, mint egy hektáron zajlanak Szentesen fajtakísérleteink, nemesítési munkáink.

Thanks to our continuous development and investment, we have grown from a family business to a seed team with a young team.

In addition to our breeding program and making our variety experiments more accurate and faster, we try to pay special attention to our customers, from the purchase of seed through cultivation to the last harvests. To this end, with the help of our sales team and specialists, they strive for a live connection with as many gardeners who produce peppers as possible.

Over the past 24 years, thousands of gardeners have honored their trust and chosen our pepper hybrids. We are working to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and we hope that in the future, the seeds of the Danube-R will reach even more pepper growers.

The year 2020 presented another serious challenge for domestic pepper growers. Extremely volatile weather has drawn attention to a number of technological and plant protection issues, while with increasingly serious labor shortages and market changes, this year can only be said to be outstandingly successful for the most prepared and lucky gardeners.

In 2020, our offer was expanded with two new types. Dála F₁ from Hegyes sweet type (resistant to HR TM2, IR TSWV and IR Ma / Mi / Mj) and Bercel F₁ from Dulce Italiano type from green to red (HR Tm2 and IR TSWV resistant) and Firtos F₁ from green to orange (IR TSWV resistant) peppers with hybrids.

Many had a negative experience when they chose a non-resistant variety at the time of type selection and cut it for cultivation with hybrids without virus resistance. Due to the changeable weather, those working with susceptible breeds have had to face extreme viral pressure in many places and the resulting significant economic damage. Based on these, it can be stated that in the future it is worthwhile to work safely only and exclusively with virus-resistant varieties. This was supported by the Carpathian F₁ , the Captain F₁ , the Kadet F₁ and that Archivarius F₁ positive cultivation experiences of our cabbage cultivars (which are HR Tm2 and IR TSWV resistant). In 2020, we will recommend our well-known varieties to our partners.

The sudden heavy rain and stormy winds also caused serious problems in many places in the open air. It was primarily those gardeners who endured these extreme conditions who chose varieties with strong roots and dense foliage. Last year, our pritamin, a Gogorez F₁ also, which was visibly better tolerated by rainfall and stormy winds than many other varieties. Due to its resistance to bacteria (Xanthomonas), first-class peppers were picked from many beautiful stocks even in the fall.

Duna-R Kft. Wishes you successful cultivation in the years 2020-2021 as well. his team.